License Plates Collection 

    Way back when I saw that a red corvette with license plates "Kid DR" was usually at the sample place and time on Sheridan Rd, I realized that most vehicles are creatures of habit. If I memorized a tag and where and when I saw it, then doing so for all vehicles would help me predict traffic, thus making my workouts safer.

3BANGER SouthCarolina501 CanalZone 1955ALAN California0 TO IPO HongKong220mph NewYork88B8B8B Arizona911KCW 1300hp Oklahoma2L8 I WUN California2GRL1CUP NorthCarolina 2 girls 1 cup8086 Nebraska100 UHH Colorado20 TOW Queensland66 6666 Iran1 OF 28 Alberta68MUSL Arizona 1968pontiacfirebirdconvertible