License Plates Collection 

    Way back when I saw that a red corvette with license plates "Kid DR" was usually at the sample place and time on Sheridan Rd, I realized that most vehicles are creatures of habit. If I memorized a tag and where and when I saw it, then doing so for all vehicles would help me predict traffic, thus making my workouts safer.

000 000 Texas10TIL8 Texas 10 till 80969 Monaco Principaute du Lamborghini Aventador crash4REETR Florida streeter911 ROD Kentucky800 002 WashingtonDC close0 KIDS Texas1USA NorthCarolina694HM GeorgiaALLONSKY Maryland DrWho1PT21 GW NewYork512 RhodeIsland44 WashingtonDC 2009 pres inaugurationACLKWRK California aclockworkorange25 CENT NewYork