Drug Testing  

Prohibited - Restricted - Allowed

   Medicine ( substances ) are normally used to correct a problem with a person. Sometimes a substance can be used by a healthy/normal person to enhance their performance in athletics. Thus the need for drug testing and classifications of what is prohibited, restricted, and allowed.

   "Restricted" - Medicine that is prohibited unless a release from the positive is on file before and during the time of the drug test.
    Medicine that may be performance enhancing, but because of your medical condition, is allowed and okay because in the eyes of sports, you should not be penalized for your medical condition. The intent is to make the contest a contest of: preparation and conduct of mind and body, while with all fairness minimizing medical conditions a cyclist cannot train for, or cannot possibly think through a solution. It helps to "level the playing field".
    Otherwise, see: Prohibited

Prohibited - if it shows up in your test, you are busted, positive and otherwise referred to as dead meat.
Allowed = Not either "Prohibited" or "Restricted".

What is Prohibited, Restricted or Allowed varies by sport and by time and YOU are SOLELY responsible for keeping yourself in compliance with what is prohibited, restricted and allowed.

Be Careful with Supplements!

   The supplement industry is essentially a pharmaceutical industry, with one very important difference: the supplement industry is not regulated. What does not regulated mean? To make a long story short, not regulated means what is on the label may or may not be what is in the product.

The supplements I use do not cause a positive in a drug test because:

  1. I called the companies and asked them if they comply with the prohibited list for cyclists
  2. because I do not believe everything I am told, I also had myself drug tested to confirm that the supplements complied
  3. AND I kept the bottle and last pill of each supplement for a year so, if necessary, I could prove the supplement was contaminated.

They do comply with the rules, and across all of my drug tests, I have always been negative.

   This level of caution may seem excessive. Many supplement companies 'Spike' their products. This level of caution is necessary and I urge you to do the same.

The Bottom Line

   You are solely responsible. If you take the time to understand the fine print of your racing license application and the UCI regulations, they say ( in different words ), that you are guilty until proven innocent. And that the burden of proof lies solely with you.

   Your properly completed TUE (Theraputic Use Exemption) must be on file prior to and during the test in order for the release to be allowed - no exceptions, no matter what. No matter what happens, no matter who screwed up, you are solely responsible.